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5 Battle Royale Games Before PUBG and Fortnite That Didn’t Cut It


5 Battle Royale Games Before PUBG and Fortnite That Didn’t Cut It

Minecraft Battle Minigame

With the successes of Fortnite and PUBG in the last few months, one has to wonder about any previous battle royale games that came before this sudden genre popularity that just couldn’t hold players’ attention the way these new games can.

First off, a classic and favorite for its other modes, Minecraft’s modding community (especially on PC) has made likely hundreds of different arena modes where players can battle online against each other in custom built worlds. All the right pieces are there for Minecraft to have an awesome battle royale mode, crafting, procedurally generated biomes, weapons, environmental survival gameplay, mobs, online functionality, the list goes on. However, because an official battle royale mode has yet to come form Mojang, and the modding community and their own creations just don’t make the cut for mass popularity.

It’s hard enough creating a mod that enough people will find interesting enough to download, but to have one singular mod focused on battle royale gameplay to reach the height of popular PlayerUnknown’s own mod of DayZ had is a lot to ask.

In 2016, Minecraft released a Battle Minigame for the console versions of the game, wherein you are dropped into several official maps, some free and some you can purchase, where you collect items to fight other players to be the last one standing. Essentially it’s a small battle royale mode given to console players who are less likely to be able to mod their versions of Minecraft to try out other fan-made battle royale servers.

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