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Civilization 6 Rise and Fall: How to Get Golden Ages and What They Do


Civilization 6 Rise and Fall: How to Get Golden Ages and What They Do

How to Get Golden Ages and What They Do in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall

Civilization 6: Rise and Fall is finally out for fans of the legendary turn-based strategy game from Sid Meier, Firaxis Games, and 2K. The new expansion adds a host of new features, including new ages for civs to experience as they progress throughout history, governors, alliance types, emergency scenarios and alliances, city loyalty and more.

Among the most lucrative of additions for Civilization 6: Rise and Fall players is the golden age. Your civ can enter a golden age if you meet a certain era score (another new feature) while playing before current era end, and new eras begin (ancient era, renaissance era, etc.). Let’s break all of that down one by one.

Golden ages give you the following bonuses if you can get them: increased loyalty for all of your cities, increased influence on other nearby cities and free cities, and the ability to choose a powerful dedication bonus at the start of the era.

However, to enter a golden age, you need to meet a certain era score. Era score is a counter that keeps track of all the great and cool things that you do over the course of a game. Here’s some examples of accomplishments that will earn you era score points: establishing a new government, building wonders, clearing out barbarians from your civ’s area, encountering new civs, recruiting great people, establishing a new district for the first time (such as a harbor), pressuring a free city to join your civ, establishing a trading post, doing bold actions such as settling a city near other civs, becoming a suzerain, etc. There’s a lot of stuff, and you can see what has earned you era points by viewing your timeline. You can view your timeline by clicking the scroll icon in the top left corner of your UI, and can check your era score at any time at the very bottom right of the screen.

If your era score is too low, you’ll enter a dark age, if it’s average, you’ll just stay as a normal civ, and if it’s high, you’ll get that Golden Age you’re after. Again, you have until the end of an era (IE: ancient era) to get your era score where you want it to be. In Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, the game will count down to the end of an era so that you know how many turns you have left to get where you want to be.

That does it for how to get and enter Golden Ages and what they do in Civilization 6: Rise and Fall, best of luck out there!

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