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7 Games With Microtransactions That Aren’t Shameful


7 Games With Microtransactions That Aren’t Shameful

Rocket League

Rocket League, Batmobile, Batman vs. Superman, DLC

Microtransactions can be a real drag when done incorrectly, as evidenced by last year’s several high-profile controversies. When done correctly though, microtransactions can offer players a shortcut in games they would otherwise be too busy to play. They also allow players to add aesthetic flair to their characters while extending the longevity of a game significantly. So let’s commend the games which show restraint and respect for their players, the ones which offer up consistent, high-quality content. Here are 10 games which do microtransactions the right way.

Rocket League was the surprise hit of 2015.  The team at Psyonix made the shrewd business move of offering the game up as a PS Plus freebie at launch. Since then, they have added a ton of free content to the game. To facilitate this, Rocket League also offers certain items to purchase via microtransactions.

In the past, the game has featured collaborations with Hot Wheels, DC and Fast and Furious. When the Batfleck Batmobile dropped, matches were positively dominated by them, proving just how much of the player base continued to buy into the game’s microtransactions. By keeping things simple, basing each new skin on the models available with the game, Psyonix allows players to show some love for their favorite games, movies, or even YouTubers, without upsetting the balance of the game. These items are purely cosmetic and give no advantage in-game. The right choice in such a skill-based experience.

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