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5 Games Like Metal Gear Survive If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Metal Gear Survive If You’re Looking for Something Similar

This week marks the release of the increasingly controversial Metal Gear Survive, with reviewers and players alike voicing their lukewarm impressions on the zombie/building online experience. Many players though, are choosing to skip the game entirely either due to Konami questionably using the Metal Gear name or because it simply isn’t sparking their interest. And while the game looks like a solid co-op horde mode shooter, there are plenty other games on the market that quite frankly do it better. So if the release of the game has got you itching to jump into some horde-mode action game with your buddies, here are five games like Metal Gear Survive if you’re looking for something similar.

Call of Duty: WWII Zombie Mode

5 Games Like Metal Gear Survive

Let’s start of with what is surely one of the most popular horde-modes of all time, Call of Duty’s Zombie Mode. Now, you could choose any of the entries and still have a blast shooting undead Nazis with your pals but the most recent iteration is definitely worth checking out. Call of Duty: WWII’s Zombie Mode was developed by the team behind the Dead Space series meaning it has a noticeable horror tinge.

Definitely more action-based than Metal Gear Survive and considerably less system-based, WWII’s Zombie Mode is worth your time purely for the fact it is the fourth iteration and therefore much more polished and streamlined. There’s also the fact that it features an excellent voice cast starring David Tennant, Katheryn Winnick, Elodie Yung and Ving Rhames. Whether or not this will be for you depends on personal taste and what level of depth you’re looking from a co-op experience but at the very least you know that, with Activision, you’re in safe hands.

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