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They Are Billions: How to Get Gold Fast


They Are Billions: How to Get Gold Fast


In They Are Billions, a PC real-time strategy game about building a city to fight off hordes of zombies, gold makes the world go round. Gold, the most important resource in the game, can only be acquired from worker homes. These homes must be built, upgraded, and supported with other buildings to increase the amount of gold they produce.

In They Are Billions, gold is important because literally every act of creation in the game requires some sum of it. Building units, walls, and even more houses to make more gold requires the stuff. This is why you want to build as many houses as you can early on in They Are Billions. At the start of every game, you start with enough resources to immediately build three tents, which are the most basic worker home you can get. Worker homes can be found by clicking on your command center or the shortcut on the bottom right of the screen, and selecting the colonists tab at the top left of the build menu. From here, you have access to all the worker homes you’ve researched at this point.

The basic tent produces 18 gold every eight in-game hours, the cottage eighteen, and the stone house forty. By building a bank, accessible by researching it through the stone workshop, the second research building unlocked, you can increase production in a 12 block radius by thirty percent. Additionally, by building a market, you can automatically sell excess resources you produce as well as manually sell and purchase resources you may need.

Run out of gold, and you may have trouble expanding fast enough to prepare for They Are Billions’ later waves. The strategy to avoid this is building as many worker homes as you can early on, and rush to the support buildings so you can build more houses, and in turn more gold.

Many buildings also require this currency for maintenance, so after building a quarry, six gold will be used every time it produces resources. In the case of the quarry, by clicking on it, a pause button will appear in your menu. By pausing production, you regain use of the workers which manned the quarry, and you won’t be spending money on production. This is useful if you built a quarry early on in They Are Billions and don’t yet have a market to sell your excess resources.

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This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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