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Nintendo Teases ‘New Interactive Experience’ for the Switch

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Nintendo Teases ‘New Interactive Experience’ for the Switch

Switch it up, Nintendo!

Following the Nintendo Switch mini-direct a few days ago, the company has released a new cryptic announcement on their official website. They seem to be gearing up for new ways to play on the Switch, specifically catering to kids and “those who are kids at heart.”

That said, it’s pretty much up in the air regarding what they plan to show, be it an actual Direct or some new kind of event. The console is still missing a few bits and pieces of essential apps, such as streaming services, so maybe the company might be working on developing similar applications for the system.

In a recent interview with Mainichi (via Nintendo Everything), company president Tatsumi Kimishima stated that 2018 will be a “crucial” year for the Switch. He also mentioned that if they don’t find new ways to play, the console’s momentum could come to a straight halt. Whatever the case, fans can tune in on Jan. 17 at 10 pm UK time for whatever Nintendo has in store.


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