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Top 5 Best DLC That Nintendo Got So Right


Top 5 Best DLC That Nintendo Got So Right

Showing how it’s done.

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4. Fire Emblem: Awakening Xenologues (3DS)

I swear this isn’t about the Summer Scramble… it’s about the Hot Spring Scramble.

Okay, all waifus aside, the Fire Emblem Awakening Xenologues were a hit or miss affair. On one side you have a pay-to-grind scheme wherein you pay for two infinitely farmable maps with increased XP and gold ratios. On the flip, you have well thought out scenarios which gave you more time with the very likable cast of FE: Awakening. Sometimes these would be light-hearted and downright goofy, other times the scenarios would build on Awakening’s main story. Either way, they were good additions to an already great game. For the grumpy old school Fire Emblem fans, some of the later maps such as Apotheosis came closer to the old school Fire Emblem difficulty than anything in the main storyline. If not for the smarm factor, this would surely be farther up on the list.

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