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Monster Hunter World: How to Sprint and Run Faster


Monster Hunter World: How to Sprint and Run Faster

Move faster than normal!

How to Sprint and Run Faster in Monster Hunter World

Mobility is important for your survival in Monster Hunter World, with movement speed varying depending on the weapon you have equipped. When you have your weapon sheathed, however, you don’t have to worry about mobility as each hunter has the same movement speed as everyone and they can also sprint to easily avoid enemy attacks.

To run fast in Monster Hunter World, simply hold R1 on PS4 or RB on Xbox One while moving. You can also tap the left stick or L3 button to dash. Be wary of sprinting for too long, as this will consume your stamina. You can’t sprint or dodge attacks with your stamina depleted, so make sure you manage your stamina bar wisely.

It’s also worth noting that you don’t have an unlimited amount of stamina when you’re not engaging an enemy. It’s easy to think that you can sprint indefinitely when your stamina meter doesn’t appear.

Similar to previous games in the series, you can’t sprint with your weapon drawn, regardless of whether you have light equipment such as a sword and shield or a bowgun. In order to sprint, you’ll always have to sheathe your weapon by either pressing square/ R1 on PS4 or RB/ X on the Xbox One. Frequently sheathing your weapon and sprinting to strike an enemy from afar is important for weapons that lack mobility, such as the great sword.

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