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5 Innovations to Keep the Battle Royale Formula Fresh


5 Innovations to Keep the Battle Royale Formula Fresh

Make your battle royale game stand out from the competition.


Some players believe that zombie mechanics have been done to death in video games, but including a zombie mode in a battle royale game could really shake up the formula. The game would play exactly like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but players wouldn’t be knocked out of the game upon death. They would respawn after a few seconds as a zombie. As a zombie, they wouldn’t be able to use weapons or items, but they’d have a more powerful bite melee attack that would instantly down unarmored human players. If a player is killed as a zombie, they just keep respawning over and over until the game is done.

So as the game goes on, the dwindling amount of human players are quickly outnumbered by the ever-growing zombie horde. Other human players are still your greatest threat, but you’ll always have to be on the lookout for a shambling mass of zombies. Things would become more stressful as the safe zone shrinks smaller and smaller. Suddenly, it’s not six players crawling through the grass and peeking through windows in hunt of their competitors, it’s six players racing to eliminate the competition as 94 other shambling human-controlled zombies move in for the kill.

The end game is suddenly even more stressful than your average game of PUBG, and campers who hide in corners will be quickly overrun. Adding zombies to a battle royale game suddenly rewards players who are constantly on the move, quick to react, and aware of their bullet count, while punishing players who survive by skirting around the battlefield and keeping to themselves.

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