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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Restore Bravery


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Restore Bravery

Get that Bravery up.


Bravery is the name of the game in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – rack up a ton of it, and you’re granted the ability to knock out any opponent that stands before you. But if you let your Bravery get down to 0, then you are not in the best situation, especially since your HP attacks will not have any effect and any opponent can break you with one clean hit. Don’t worry though, you can restore Bravery back to a decent number if you do a few things.

The first way to restore Bravery back up to 1000 in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is by getting broken by an enemy – after about five to ten seconds your Bravery will restore to 1000. The other way to get your number up is by successfully hitting enemies with your Bravery attack by using the X button. Each character uses three types of Bravery attacks: Up X, Down X, and X by itself. These are all different attacks that will get your Bravery up which will let you use a very strong HP attack.

That’s how to restore Bravery in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, for more help on the game be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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