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7 Best Fighters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT


7 Best Fighters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

This is one complex fighter.

Squall Leonhart

Best Fighters in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

It should be noted that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is a pretty unique fighting game, filled with complex mechanics even down to completely unique ones for each character. Because of this, it’s honestly hard to say that certain characters are far and above better than others. In reality, a lot of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT comes down to learning each character and understanding how their role and class works against others. Realistically, you can do well with just about any character in the game, but we’ve picked out a few that standout due to unique abilities or skillsets.

Squall basically epitomizes the Assassin role in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, as he’s a character all about quick strikes. Squall’s biggest weakness is that all of his attacks require him to be close to the enemy, with the exception of his back bravery attack while on the ground. However, Squall’s speed is high enough that you can easily home in on enemies and decimate them with a flurry of quick strikes that all do light damage.

There’s a trick to playing Squall in Dissidia that might take a bit to learn, as you can actually use his Gunblade to up the damage with each strike. With each bravery attack Squall has that does more than one strike, you can actually press the attack button at just exactly the right time as the attack lands to make the Gunblade explode and do extra damage. Again, this timing is absolutely something you’ll need to train to get down. Use Squall’s back bravery attack in the air to your advantage, as it’s one sword strike that lunges toward the enemy and stuns them, leaving it open to another combo.

Just like his bravery attacks, all of Squall’s HP attacks require you to get up close and personal, but they also have a quick execution time, especially his initial Blast Trigger attack. Squall’s EX Skill, Draw and Junction, is also quite handy, as it lets you draw from an enemy and get a stat boost based on their class. Vanguards give you a thirty percent boost to defense, marksmen a thirty percent boost to attack, and assassins a thirty percent boost to speed. Squall is going to require a bit of learning to really get down, but give him a couple offensive EX Skills and you’ve got a blitzing character that can really bring the pain.

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