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7 of the Best RPGs on Nintendo Switch

xenoblade chronicles 2 switch

7 of the Best RPGs on Nintendo Switch

RPGs you’ll never have to put down

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It’s hard to find an RPG on Nintendo Switch that has more content and hours of enjoyment to offer than Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This game delivers on all fronts in a way that is sure to please any RPG lover. If you’re a stickler for an in-depth combat system, obsessed with a good narrative with a solid cast of characters, or just want to explore a sprawling world that has a lot to discover, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will keep you captivated for more than 70 hours of gameplay. Just keep in mind that the in depth combat system and the sheer amount of content in the game means you’re going to have to pack your patience for an adventure and play through leisurely. You will still be learning new mechanics and discovering new features even at the 30 hour mark. The good news is that even when trying to keep up with all the information starts to feel a bit overwhelming, there is still a beautiful world around you that coaxes you into feeling cool, calm, and collected. There is simply so much to love about this game that it makes the steep learning curve feel well worth it in the end.

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