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Top 10 Best PS4 Games to Look Forward to in 2018


Top 10 Best PS4 Games to Look Forward to in 2018

Can Sony win the year again?

Marvel’s Spider-Man

There have been plenty of Spider-Man games over the years but Marvel’s Spider-Man stands out from the rest by focusing on a more experienced Peter Parker. The game’s narrative won’t have to spend any time walking through Spider-Man’s origin story or portray Peter Parker as a new hero who is still struggling to make the best use of his new abilities. Instead, trailers have revealed everyone’s favorite web-slinging New Yorker skillfully taking on criminals and finding creative ways to interact with the environment to gain the upper hand in combat.

Ever since the first preview trailer showcased blockbuster action sequences and a sneak peek at the beautiful open world players will get to explore at their own leisure, many gamers have been anxiously waiting for more information. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a ton of new details revealed and an official release date still hasn’t been announced. While the game is slated to release in 2018, it’s very likely that we won’t actually see it hit shelves until the second half of the year.

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