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Top 10 Best Games to Look Forward To in 2018


Top 10 Best Games to Look Forward To in 2018

Just enough time to pad your wallets

Kingdom Hearts 3

It’s a pretty safe bet that Kingdom Hearts 3 is actually the most highly anticipated game of 2018 and it certainly should be. The road to Kingdom Hearts 3 has been a long and trying one as fans have been anxiously waiting more than a decade to check back in with Sora and the gang. Kingdom Hearts is one of the move beloved game franchises of all time and it takes place in a universe filled with the most beloved Disney characters and worlds of all time, which makes the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 feel even longer.

Fortunately, last year’s D23 gave the world the gift of a new trailer that shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy back together again as they explore the world of Toy Story. The trailer delivered on nostalgia but also showed off combat and featured Sora hopping inside a mech toy to mow down toy-sized Heartless. The Kingdom Hearts franchise features one of the best narratives of all time and the adventure is finally slated to continue in 2018.

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