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PUBG Xbox One: How to Reload


PUBG Xbox One: How to Reload

How to Reload in PUBG on Xbox One

If you have already been playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) on PC, you may be wondering how the controls will transfer over to the inputs available on an Xbox One controller. Since PUBG requires players to transition from sneaking through fields to swimming through lakes to driving various vehicles all while gunning down the enemy, there is a lot resting on developers’ ability to create a layout that translates well on a controller. Trying to figure out all the controls while you’re in a live match can be a bit annoying, especially if you’re trying to figure out how to do something as essential as reloading. Well, fear not. It turns out that Microsoft actually teamed up with Xbox Advanced Technology Group and Gears of War developer The Coalition to make sure the Xbox One and Xbox One X controls were just right for PUBG. This mission seems to be a successful one as the inputs for Xbox One are rather intuitive at first glance. This means the transition from PC to Xbox One shouldn’t be a huge hurdle for anyone who wants to bring their PUBG adventures to console.

So if you’re in the heat of battle and you need to reload, here’s what you do — Simply press and hold X. Keep in mind that holding X is key here so don’t get to nervous in the game and quickly tap X in an effort to reload your weapon. If you just press X without holding it, you will find yourself interacting with the world around you rather than reloading your weapon. If you’re trading bullets with another player, this could be an extremely costly mistake.


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