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5 Ways the PS4 Can Improve in 2018


5 Ways the PS4 Can Improve in 2018

Nobody’s perfect.

Give Us Actual Release Dates


There’s no denying that Sony’s PS4 is still leading the video game market in terms of eighth generation console sales. At the moment the machine is responsible for generating over 70 million purchases, making it by far the most popular device used to play games around the world. When all is said and done Sony sure has a lot to congratulate itself for, given how shaky the PS3’s launch was and the portable letdown that was the Vita. This being said, there’s still plenty the company can do to win over even more console benefactors in the future and appease hardcore audiences well enough to convince them that there’s really no point in jumping ship.

One of this year’s biggest disappointments in the realm of PlayStation was the lack of any real release dates for highly anticipated exclusive titles on the platform. Spider-Man, Detroit: Become Human, God of War, Days Gone, The Last of Us Part II, and even Death Stranding all turned up at Sony’s events and various media showcases this year, yet none were offered to us with a clear sign as to when exactly they will release.

It’s true that God of War, Detroit, Days Gone, and Spider-Man all have blanket release windows of “TBD 2018” and a recent leak may have suggested that God of War will release in March, but is that all fans really have considering the fact that 2017 is already at an end? Though we don’t want to be disappointed when a game is delayed and this is a good way to avoid the backlash, giving a firm release date is a sign that shows that publisher Sony and its various developers are confident in what they’re delivering to the fans.

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