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If You Used These Cheap AF Sports Game Teams, You Were Probably Wack


If You Used These Cheap AF Sports Game Teams, You Were Probably Wack

Talent is optional.

There’s little worse than a bandwagon fan. You know the kind, the one who’s suddenly become a fan of the hottest team in the league, despite being incapable of naming half of the roster. For years, Miami Heat jerseys were dotted around town like sprinkles on a donut. Most of them brandished the familiar number 6 of LeBron James, though some who wanted to appear more cultured opted for Dwyane Wade, instead.

Lo and behold, once LeBron returned home to Cleveland like the prodigal son, all of the luster surrounding Miami mysteriously vanished; they had practically become the Miami Cold. In their place was the wine and gold jerseys of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Suddenly, everyone was waving their flag for Ohio, of all the places in the world. At least, up until the Cavs got shell shocked by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. You can probably guess what happened next.

The point is, there is nothing special about latching onto the best team. It’s boring, it’s unadventurous, and in gaming, it’s practically criminal. No matter what the sport, no matter which season, there’s always some team that you’ll encounter again and again online, leaving you shaking your head in dismay. It’s time to call a spade a spade and a Brady a Brady – here are eight of the most infamously cheap teams in sports games.

8. Miami Dolphins (NFL Street)

NFL Street

More often than not, whoever appears on the cover of a game is a safe bet to be particularly potent on the field, and in an effort to increase intrigue, his teammates get a boost, too. This particular cover boy, the mercurial Ricky Williams, is a speedy, punishing runner out of the backfield, and he has some serious talent surrounding him like Jason Taylor, Patrick Surtain, Junior Seau, Chris Chambers and Sam Madison.

This is all fair enough, they were legitimately dominant players back in 2004 – but the fact that journeyman quarterback Jay Fiedler was given particularly generous ratings in passing, speed and carrying certainly raises a few eyebrows. About the only one who didn’t receive much love was poor old Brian Griese, who is worse than Fiedler in almost every category, though curiously, is a much better blocker. Odds are, most people opted not to put Griese on the offensive line.

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