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South Park Phone Destroyer: What the Best Cards Are


South Park Phone Destroyer: What the Best Cards Are

Having trouble winning multiplayer battles in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Here are the best cards to have in your deck to hang with the toughest players.

What the Best Cards Are in South Park: Phone Destroyer?

Ubisoft’s mobile strategy card battler South Park: Phone Destroyer offers 60 single-player levels and multiplayer duels with other players in real-time. It takes a strong deck of cards to beat the difficult challenges in the campaign and rank up to the top of the leaderboard in the player versus player (PvP) arena.

South Park: Phone Destroyer features 80 cards to collect with more promised in future updates. It is important to choose your cards carefully, since only 12 cards can be in a deck. Also, every card belongs to a theme and only two themes can be mixed into the deck, alongside the neutral theme. Here is a list of the best cards so far:


  • Nathan – Nathan can throw bombs from a distance, damaging close groups of enemies. Requires four energy to play.
  • Rat Swarm – Four rats are summoned by this card, and scurry quickly to attack the closest target. It is best to play it behind a tank because the rats have very little health. Requires three energy.
  • ManBearPig – A tank with a lot of health and a whopping energy cost of seven, ManBearPig can cause the opposing side a lot of headaches by drawing aggro from several enemies. It is a legendary card though, so it might be a little hard to find.
  • Dogpoo – This three energy melee card can take a good punishment and cause great damage when leveled up.


  • Smuggler Ike – An assassin-type card that is quick and hits hard when buffed by its Charged ability. Requires two energy.
  • Bandita Sally – Another two energy cost assassin card with great attack speed.
  • Hookhand Clyde – Does a great deal of damage to a random enemy on the field with its Warcry ability, and costs only three energy to play.


  • Alien Clyde – Has great stats for a melee fighter and his Warcry ability shoots poison at an enemy. Requires three energy.
  • Marine Craig – A ranged card that can also shoot poison at enemy leader and others nearby. Requires four energy.
  • Enforcer Jimmy – A two energy melee card with good health and an aura that stop close enemies’ abilities from charging.


  • Zen Cartman – A tank with no attack stat, but extremely high health to make up for it. The three energy card can attract foes to him with his ability.
  • Regeneration – A spell card that heals all allies on the battlefield for 15 seconds. Requires three energy.
  • Angel Wendy – This ranged three energy card can heal the three closest allies nearby with her ability.


  • Stan the Great – A three energy melee card with an ability to reduce every enemy’s attack for five seconds.
  • Princess Kenny – An assassin with a Deathwish ability to stop its killer from attacking for 10 seconds after death. Requires two energy.
  • Catapult Timmy – A strong ranged card with the ability to fling rats across the battlefield. Requires three energy.

That is a list of the best cards to get in South Park: Phone Destroyer. Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more coverage on the game.

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