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There’s a Good Reason Why Overwatch’s Moira Runs like Naruto

Overwatch, Moira, Naruto

There’s a Good Reason Why Overwatch’s Moira Runs like Naruto

She’s not aiming to be Hokage.

Overwatch has just gotten a new character named Moira. She’s a brilliant, yet controversial geneticist who works in Oasis and doubles as a Talon agent. This scientist isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of science and is willing to perform immoral and unethical experiments to get her desired results. Oh, and she also runs like Naruto.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu explained why the evil character has so many anime references. “One thing I would say broadly, the development team, the artists, we’re all big anime fans,” he stated, “I certainly could not deny some of the references in her sprays and stuff.”

That said, it isn’t all fun and games as he added that her running is actually an essential part of the gameplay. It’s important that players recognize the characters on the battlefield, even from a distance. With this, they have an idea of who they will be up against if it boils down to a confrontation. Players can easily make out Moira thanks to her famous running animation.

Moira also has a few Overwatch tidbits that reference other iconic anime throughout the years. Maybe one day Blizzard will give her some famous anime lines too. Believe it!


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