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Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device


Invite Your Destiny 2 Ghost to Your Amazon Alexa-Enabled Device

Ghost, what’s the weather looking like today?

If you’ve got an Amazon Alexa-enabled device in your home such an Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show, or something to that effect and you like Destiny 2, there’s a cool surprise waiting for you. There’s not a ghost of a chance that you won’t like it!

Amazon has introduced a new Destiny 2 Ghost skill for Alexa, which lets you chat with Ghost in-game, so you can ask questions and command your Ghost as you see fit.

You can say things like “Alexa, ask Ghost to [insert task here]” and Ghost will comply using Alexa as a proxy. It may not be as cool as directly speaking to your Ghost, but it’s still pretty useful. You should be able to switch out items and manage them as you go with this skill, and while it may not appeal to everyone, it’s still pretty cool.

There’s even a special Ghost-shaped speaker you can buy as a replacement for your regular Alexa-enabled devices if you so choose. You still need the device to power the Ghost, but you can use it as a speaker to make the whole experience feel more authentic, if that’s something you care about.

You can start purchasing the Ghost-shaped speaker on Dec. 19. Honestly though, you’re better off getting the cheaper plain ol’ Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.


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