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Heroes Of The Storm Will Be Getting Hanzo, Alexstrasza, and More

Heroes of the Storm

Heroes Of The Storm Will Be Getting Hanzo, Alexstrasza, and More

There be dragons in Heroes Of The Storm.

A fan of Heroes Of The Storm? Well, there is new content coming your way! Soon you will be able to take part in the Dragons of the Nexus event, which will grant you access to new cosmetic items, but also welcomes two new heroes; Hanzo and Alexstrasza.

First, let’s talk about the event. Starting Nov. 14 and lasting until Dec. 12, players can start to receive rewards just by simply logging in.

The unlock achieved by logging in is a portrait that features both of the new heroes in a stained glass design. The other challenges are to play 5 games, play an additional 5 games, and to achieve 90 takedowns in winning games. Well, three of these quests are pretty easy at least.

Now, briefly, there will be more sprays made available during the event. But now, to the meat of the announcement.

Hanzo and Alexstrasza will now be playable in Heroes Of The Storm.

Alexstrasza is a support character with Life-Binder and Cleansing Flame as her heroic abilities, and Dragonqueen being her trait, allowing her to transform into a dragon!

Hanzo, which Blizzard fans will recognize from Overwatch, joins Heroes Of The Storm as well through this new event. And, you guessed it, one of his heroic abilities includes Dragonstrike, as well as a newer ability, Dragon’s Arrow. Hanzo will be taking up the Assassin role.

Along with the new event, a 2018 update has been announced, which includes reworks to the stealth mechanics, changes to the early game, as well as Mercenary updates. And, maybe most importantly to some, voice chat is coming to the game thanks to Blizzard Voice.

More information about each of these announcements can be found in Blizzard’s post for the Dragons of the Nexus event.

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