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Overwatch Unveils New Support Hero Moira at BlizzCon 2017


Overwatch Unveils New Support Hero Moira at BlizzCon 2017

The world could always use more heroes!

Overwatch fans expected big news from BizzCon 2017 but it’s hard to say if anyone expected such huge surprises to roll out so quickly. Instead of just one new hero or one new map, Overwatch players can expect to get their hands on both pretty soon. In addition to rolling out the Blizzard World map, Overwatch will also introduce a new support hero by the name of Moira.

There was once a time when Zenyatta was the only option for a support healer that could also dish out a mean amount of damage but with recent buffs to Mercy and Moira on the way, Zenyatta has some new competition. Moira will be able to heal her teammates but will also be able to chip away at enemy health bars with ease.

Moira will have the ability to her her Biotic Grasp to heal teammates in front of her or latch on to foes to drain their health bars. What makes this particularly impressive is that Moira doesn’t just take down enemy health with this ability, she also replenishes her own.

Another interesting tool in her kit is her Biotic Orb. Moira will be able to toss out her choice of a healing orb or an orb that deals damage to enemies. The orb will actually bounce off of nearby obstacles and has the ability to heal or damage multiple players at one time. In terms of mobility, Moira doesn’t seem to have anything particularly impressive but she does have an ability called Fade. This will allow her to quickly teleport a short distance but it isn’t clear if this will give her any vertical mobility.

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for – what is her ultimate ability? Moira’s ultimate seems interesting but it’s far too early to see how useful it will be in the fray of battle or if you’re moving a payload. Her ultimate is called Coalescence, which allows her to fire a large beam that will heal allies and damage enemies. It can be a great tool if both teams are jumbled together in a battle and Moira is in a safe position to heal and deal damage from afar. The catch is that Moira is locked into position when using her ultimate. As we have all seen from the countless times a Pharah is picked off in the middle of her ult, it only takes one flanker to shut down what could have been a very useful ult.

For now, Moira looks like an extremely interesting addition to the bunch. She’s also another hero that has a lot to explore in terms of origins. Kaplan explained that this new hero has ties to both Talon and Blackwatch. There’s quite a bit of mystery surrounding this controversial scientist but we’re sure in-game voice lines and an animated short will start to peel back Moira’s layers soon enough.

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