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CoD WW2: How to Beat Zombies (Hardcore Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide)


CoD WW2: How to Beat Zombies (Hardcore Easter Egg Walkthrough Guide)

How to Beat Zombies (Hardcore Walkthrough Guide) in CoD WW2

The zombies mode in CoD WW2 features two easter egg quests with one being dubbed “Casual” and the other the more challenging “Hardcore” mode. For the casual mode your goal is to find an artifact that grants you the “Fireworks” achievement, and it’s highly recommended you get the casual easter egg first and then get an experienced team with you before you go and try the hardcore variety. For a thorough breakdown of how to get the casual easter egg you can check out our wiki page here, and for the hardcore one check out the step-by-step breakdown below.

So first things first, before attempting the Hardcore easter egg you have to make sure you and every member of your team have upgraded your Tesla Gun with the four elemental variants which can be done during a run of the causal easter egg. To get the gun itself check out our guide here, and the four variants available for upgrade and what they do are:

  • Midnight – shoots a straight line of murderous light that can cut through enemies easily.
  • Reaper – freezes a targeted zombie, and then explodes its body after a few seconds and damages any nearby enemies.
  • Bloodthirst – shoots a bolt of red lightning stunning nearby zombies, causing them to explode after a few seconds.
  • Hurricane – shoots a ball of electric pink light that expands and kills those in its radius.

We also have a step-by-step guide in getting every single one of the variants, so make sure to go back and get those before going forward with the Hardcore easter egg path.


To begin the hardcore easter egg, you need to find three colored tops that will be placed in 10 different randomized rooftop locations around the map. In the Riverside, Town Square, Village Entrance, or Pub areas, look up onto the roofs of nearby buildings and try and spot a red, yellow, and green top. Shooting them will make them fall to the ground so you can collect them.

Once you have all three, take the tops to the Village Square where you will notice they fit perfectly into three holes in a toy display case that has been broken open. When in the holes the tops act like clock hands with an arrow pointing at whatever invisible number would be present there if it was a clock face. To know the right numbers to move the tops to, you have to go look into whatever zombie spawn entrances you can find because in them you will find enigma boxes with ribbons attached to the top. Whatever color ribbon is attached to it is correlated to the colored top in the toy display, and each enigma machine has a number entry on it as well. As soon as you find two, just go back to the display and enter those numbers with the tops and guess the third by spinning it around once and a secret drawer will open and give you a record.


In order to play the record, you will need to bring power back to the Pub. To do this, go to Riverside and walk along the stone wall facing the water until you see a rooster weathervane. Interacting with it will cause it to spin and either point left, right, or straight forward. Whatever direction is it pointing, if you look that way you will see a small yellow light (to the left it’s in front of the bridge, straight ahead it’s in a window, and to the right it is on the river-facing wall of the Courtyard on the top-left side) and if you shoot it the watermill near the weathervane will start moving.

This watermill is key to getting the power back on in the pub again, and as the wheel turns you will see some exposed wires appear on one of the sections. Once you shoot the wires with any of the four variants of the upgraded Tesla Gun, power will return to the Pub. Go inside and place the record in the player, but in order to power the record player properly we will need a Red Talon sword to collect zombie souls for it.


To get the Red Talon sword, go back to the Command Room and bring a Brenner Head with you and keep it somewhere in the room on the floor. In this room you need to reset the power switches, which is an objective during the casual easter egg hunt path. There will be a switch in the Laboratory, and one in the Morgue, and turning them both on will reveal a final switch in the Command Room itself to the right of the Salt Mine Door. Once all three switches are on a panel will open to the right of the Command Room switch to reveal some coils. Shoot them with any of the upgraded Tesla Gun variants and the lights will go out.

Now pick up that Brenner Head you brought into the room and carry it over to two grey metal panels in the walls on the tops of the stairs going down to both the Laboratory and Morgue. An image of what the panels look like can be seen below, and they are distinct as they both look the same and have blood stains on them as well.

hardcore easter egg, walkthrough, cod ww2

Just shine the Brenner Head on the panels before the lights turn back on (be quick, it’s only for about 30 seconds!) and when you return you will be able to interact with the panels to expose several dials with numbers on them. When you turn the dials, one of the numbers will glow blue indicating you need to keep that dial on that number and continue onto the next one. Doing all the correct numbers for each will reveal two half-discs, and if you bring them to the Emperor’s Chamber to a small circular shape behind the hilt device, you can enter them and unlock the Red Talon sword needed for the next part of the path.


So now that you have the Red Talon sword, go back to the Pub and stand beside the record player with it equipped. Once a new song starts, that means you have to kill somewhere between 30-50 zombies before the end of the song to charge it. The easiest way to do this is to kill pest zombies (which spawn every round that is a multiple of 5 so 5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) and just wait for them to attack you in the Pub and swing your sword over and over by the record player to charge it up. You know it will be working when red lightning spikes lift up from the zombies and into the record player. It’s important to note this can only be done using the Red Talon sword and no other weapon.


New sounds are now going to come out of the record player, and they will reveal a special code that is randomized and different for every new zombies game. The key to figuring out your code is to listen for a long pause that indicates the start of a code sequence. Then a certain number of clicks will player with short pauses between them. There will be four numbers to listen for, followed by he long pause and then the start of the sequence again.

With your code go back to the Emperor’s Chamber and input them into the Voice of God device. Make sure before you do this you have completed all the Casual easter egg sections to the last step and DO NOT do the final task of shooting the hilt with the glowing orb with your Tesla Gun as this will trigger the ending of the Casual easter egg and negate everything you have done thus far for the Hardcore easter egg path.

Enter the code, and then shoot the chandelier at he top of the room with all four of the different Tesla Gun variants (Hurricane, Bloodthirst, Midnight, and Reaper). An energy orb will fall down from the chandelier onto the hilt, and shooting it with your Tesla Gun will trigger the harder boss fight for the Hardcore easter egg path.


This final boss fight will play the same way as the Casual path, but will be noticeably harder. You still have to shoot the lights that appear on the Zeppelin that flies above the city, but instead of all six showing up at once only one does, and it stays lit for much less time than during the Casual boss fight.

Shooting the Zeppelin will drop batteries that you can charge with zombie souls if you kill them near it. Once it is full a handheld battery will pop out, and then you have to shoot The Panzermorder boss to stun him so he falls to the ground for a moment. Always stay nearby The Panzermorder as when he is stunned you will only have a couple seconds to get near him and attach the handheld battery to his leg. If you attach it correctly The Panzermorder will leave the fight areas for a bit, and then return along with the Zeppelin so you can do the same thing three more times.

After the three battery attachment, you will trigger the Hardcore easter egg ending cut scene, as well as finally get the “Dark Reunion” achievement/trophy. For more tips, tricks, and guides, on CoD WW2 Zombies, check out our extensive wiki.

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