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CoD WW2 Zombies: What the Brenner Head Does


CoD WW2 Zombies: What the Brenner Head Does

It’s not a melee weapon.

Brenner Head in CoD WW2 Zombies

Did you accidentally pick up a zombie head in Call of Duty: WWII Zombies? At first, the Brenner Head might seem like a useless item, considering it barely deals any damage when used as a melee weapon. However, the it’s actually a key item in progressing the casual path Easter egg and for upgrading your Tesla Gun. Basically, the Brenner Head acts as lamp that reveals secrets in CoD WW2 Zombies. Pressing the aim button while carrying the Brenner Head will cause it to shine a purple light on objects.

Firstly, you can acquire a Brenner Head by killing flamethrower-wielding zombies. Make sure that you remember where you killed this zombie type so you know where to come back when you need it.

In the casual path, you’ll use the Brenner Head to illuminate secret codes on four paintings spread across the map. The paintings are located in the Courtyard, Mortuary, Pub, and the Sewers.

Meanwhile, you need the Brenner Head to start your quest in upgrading the Tesla gun to its Midnight version. Simply use the Brenner Head to illuminate a statue in the Courtyard. Doing this will cause the statue to break, revealing a battery. Shoot the battery with your Tesla Gun then pick it up and place it inside a battery holder in the Courtyard. Kill multiple zombies in the area to feed the battery with souls. Take note that you can only do the next steps after you have finished the Lightning Rod quest in the casual path. When you’re done with the abovementioned steps, go to the Laboratory and insert the battery inside the machine where you acquired one of the Tesla Gun pieces. After feeding it with enough zombie souls again, you’ll get a Tesla Gun part. Go back to the control room and interact with the table where you picked up the Tesla Gun to finish crafting the gun’s Midnight version.

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