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CoD WW2: How to Beat Zombies (Casual Walkthrough Guide)


CoD WW2: How to Beat Zombies (Casual Walkthrough Guide)

How to Beat Zombies (Casual Walkthrough Guide) in CoD WW2

Instead of one extremely challenging easter egg quest, CoD WW2 Zombies features two easter egg quests – one being very tough and one being regarded as the ‘casual’ option. The casual line in WW2 Zombies is focused on finding the artifact and sees you unlocking the ‘fireworks’ trophy and achievement.

Before you start, there are a few things you need to make sure you do. First, unlock the sewers by turning the three valves, activating the light in the Village Square, and then activating the generator. Next, you will need to unlock the bunker door to Command and activate the machine and flip the switches in the Lab. Finally, activate the Disposal Tube system in the Sewers and unlock the Weapon Upgrade System by going through all the three fast travel tubes.

Once you have activated the power, you’ll gain access to the Salt Mines. Head into them and unlock the door to the Emperor’s Chamber. Inside, you’ll see a strange device with a hilt, which you’ll need to interact with, in front of a statue. Killing the zombies will then allow you to collect souls, which will see the hilt lift up into the Command Room above you.

Once that has been done, head back to the Command Room you unlocked earlier. Clear out the zombies, giving you time to turn the crank in the center of the room. Next, head to the upper deck control room area and press the red button, which will see the transfer device head out a set of doors and along some rails. Follow it out and stand in the red area, killing the zombies, to charge it with souls whenever it stops.

A few seconds after the device stops at a generator it will produce a piece of a Tesla Gun. Take the item and the device will move again until it stops and gives you another Tesla Gun piece. It will then make its way back to the Command Room. Follow it there and a Burner Zombie will spawn. Kill the Burner Zombie by shooting the gas tanks on its back and head up to the control room where you should interact with the machine to craft the Tesla Gun.

Next, head back to the Emperor’s Chamber and examine the “Right Hand of God” and interact with the device on the left as you enter. To get it to work, head back to the Command Room and find the panel on the wall opposite the Tesla Gun Forge. Here, you’ll have to solve some puzzles to begin activating the power.

The panel should show four numbers, with a different color under each of them. The numbers one to four (each of which refers to a power station on the map) will have a corresponding color: red, blue, or green. You’ll need to remember what is on the panel. Turn the switch on each power station to match what is on the initial panel. Here’s where you’ll find the power stations.

  • Power Station 1: Just to the right of the initial panel, on the wall opposite the Tesla Gun Forge.
  • Power Station 2: In the Sewers, near the path to the Morgue.
  • Power Station 3: Past the Sewers Upgrade Station, at the Riverside tunnel.
  • Power Station 4: Near the Tower gate in the Pub area.

You’ll need to be quick because it resets after a short amount of time. To restart, you need to interact with the initial panel again. Once you’re successful, you’ll need to activate and defend the Lightning Rod at the base of The Tower.

Interacting with the lever will begin a new round and will see zombies attempt to destroy it. Simply defends all the rods in the small space, gearing up when and where you can. Once you hear a quote, head back to the Emperor’s Chamber and examine the “Left Hand of God,” interacting with the left hand as you enter.

Return to the surface, where you see a huge Zepellin in the sky. It’ll shoot at you and you should return the fire, aiming at the red glowing areas. Hit it enough and it’ll drop a generator to the ground. Head to where it fell and charge it with the souls of the zombies you kill there. It will then explode and a battery will be left on the ground. Take it down to the Emperor’s Chamber and place it in the right hand. Return to the surface and repeat that whole sequence again (zeppelin, generator, battery), placing the battery in the left hand in the Emperor’s Chamber. Begin the sequence a third time, shooting at the Zepellin. This time, the generator it drops will trick you by going back up to where it came from. Don’t worry, the ship will return and this time the generator will stay on the ground. Then, follow the same steps again.

Activating the hands will see them shine and your objective will change to ‘activate the voice of God.’ Now, return to where you killed that Burner zombie and pick up its head, which you can aim with like a weapon. It also has a secret use, which is revealing hidden words on paintings around the world. When you shine it at a painting, it will reveal a Roman Numeral and an Eagle pointed north, south, east, or west. You need to note them all down, or memorize them. The four paintings you need to head to are:

  • Painting 1: On the wall next to the bar in the pub.
  • Painting 2: Near the Pack-A-Punch Weapon Upgrade Machine in the Sewers. A picture of two older people.
  • Painting 3: In the dark area of the Mortuary.
  • Painting 4: In the Courtyard, near the steps.

Head back to the Emperor’s Chamber and match the numbers on the paintings with the eagles on the center hand.

Finally, to activate the boss, everyone in your team will need to shoot the hilt in the Emperor’s Chamber with the Tesla Gun. Once you collect the hilt, the boss will appear but you can’t simply kill it by shooting it.

You need to follow some pretty precise steps to take it down. First, shoot the red lights on the Zeppelin above you until a generator falls to the ground, just as you did earlier. Then, kill the zombies within the red zone to charge the generator until a battery spawns. Now, shoot the Panzermorder until it is stunned and interact with it using the battery.

The Panzermorder will then leave. Kill zombies and survive until the Zeppelin returns when you should shoot it until a second generator falls down. Once again, charge it, stun the boss, and place the battery on it. Do the same again, with the third generator flying away again, allowing you to shoot down another. Use the battery on the boss a final time and you’ll defeat it.

For more tips, tricks and guides, on CoD WW2 Zombies, check out our extensive wiki.

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