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CoD WW2: How to Get Diamond Camo


CoD WW2: How to Get Diamond Camo

Get the best weapon camo in the game.

Similar to past games in the series, the most coveted weapon camouflage in Call of Duty: WWII is the Diamond variant. It has a tough requirement to unlock, as it’s supposed to be the best-looking weapon camouflage in CoD WW2. Unfortunately, you can’t preview locked weapon camouflages in-game to decide if they’re worth the effort.

To unlock the Diamond camouflage for each weapon, you need to complete every single Camo Challenges for your weapon. The Camo Challenges vary for each weapon type, but ultimately boils down to killing a lot of enemies with that specific firearm. For rifles, submachine guns, and light machine guns, the basic Camo Challenges involve getting a lot of headshot kills. Meanwhile, the basic Camo Challenges for shotguns and snipers include one shot kills.

After completing the basic Camo Challenges, you’ll have to complete five miscellaneous Camo Challenges. These include getting double kills, blood thirsties, kills with a specified Division, kills from a different Division, and longshots.

The easiest way to complete the Camo Challenges in CoD WW2 is via the War game mode. Unlike the other modes, spawn locations are more controlled and predictable in War. With plenty of players focusing on playing the objective in War, you can easily kill enemies without engaging in direct confrontation.

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