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5 DIY Gaming Gift Ideas for Holidays 2017


5 DIY Gaming Gift Ideas for Holidays 2017

Don’t buy it, build it!

3D Printed Arcade Switch Dock

I can’t be the only one who’s a bit annoyed with how the Nintendo Switch’s charge port is on the bottom of the console, making it impossible to charge the console in kickstand mode. If you know someone like me, they’ll love this 3D printed Arcade Switch Dock.

Now, as the name implies, you’ll need a 3D printer or to know someone who has one, to pull this off. I’d highly recommend doing a quick Google search to see if there are any makerspaces in your immediate area. Those places are everywhere, and most will allow you to use their machines for a small fee. This project isn’t incredibly long (it will only take you a weekend or two), so you won’t need to sign away weeks of your life to a makerspace if you don’t want to.

The difficulty and price of this project will fluctuate depending on whether you want to just build the arcade dock, or build the arcade dock with a charging port. I can’t recommend the charging port option enough. I love keeping this arcade on my desk at work and having a way to play my Switch in front of my jealous coworkers in style. And with the charging port, the console is always ready to go when I am.

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