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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Wall Jump


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Wall Jump

How to Wall Jump in Super Mario Odyssey

Finally, after months of teases and watching Nintendo provide a drip-feed of Mario information, Super Mario Odyssey is here on the Switch and lets an entirely new generation of gamers enjoy the company’s mustachioed mascot. This is a new 3D Super Mario experience so you can expect all of the exploration, collection, and puzzling platforming that the bigger titles like Galaxy and Sunshine are remembered for. And when we say puzzling platforming, you will sometimes need to reach some pretty high places which one of the game’s mechanics, the wall jump, can help you out with. Here’s how to wall jump in Super Mario Odyssey.

This is actually a fairly simple maneuver to pull off and simply requires a wall to bound off of, or two walls in proximity that you can jump off of repeatedly in order to reach even greater heights. To wall jump, simply face a wall and press B or A to jump into it. Once you connect to the wall, press B again to jump off of it which will send you in the opposite direction. If there is a wall behind you, you can keep stringing together wall jumps by simply pressing B off of each one. That’s all you need to know to wall jump in Super Mario Odyssey.

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