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Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom


Super Mario Odyssey: How to Beat Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom

The first confrontation.

Super Mario Odyssey follows Mario on another adventure to rescue Princess Peach. This time, Bowser has kidnapped her with the intentions of planning a forced wedding. You’ll be journeying to different kingdoms to fuel your ship, the Odyssey, with Power Moons in an attempt to catch them.

Along the way, you’ll eventually meet up with Bowser in the Cloud Kingdom where you’ll be forced to have an impromptu boss fight. Take note that there are three phases in the match. Here’s how you can clear this Super Mario Odyssey boss fight:

  • Phase 1: Wait for Bowser to throw his cap and strike it using Cappy. Once his cap is down, jump on it to equip it. Bowser will then stomp on the arena, causing a flame ring you can easily jump over. Get within his range and pummel Bowser with a flurry of punches with his cap.
  • Phase 2: Bowser will throw his cap again, but beware the darker imitations that can hurt you. Equip the real cap and dodge a few more flame rings. Once you’re close, pummel Bowser with more punches.
  • Phase 3: Bowser will throw out more caps, but the formula stays the same. Pick up the real one and dodge the flame rings as your move in. From there, keep punching Bowser until he turns around and his tail faces you. When that happens, quickly move out of the way and dodge his incoming strike. If successful, he’ll tumble to the ground. Give him one good punch in the kisser to send him flying!

If you need any more help with Super Mario Odyssey, make sure to check out our nifty wiki!

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