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Super Mario Odyssey: How Long It Is and How Many Kingdoms There Are


Super Mario Odyssey: How Long It Is and How Many Kingdoms There Are

How Long Super Mario Odyssey Is and How Many Kingdoms There Are

Super Mario Odyssey is the first Nintendo developed 3D Mario adventure to be released for the Nintendo Switch and, as has been the case with most other games in the long-running franchise, players are given a variety of kingdoms to explore.

Ever since the game’s reveal, Nintendo has been slowly revealing all the kingdoms that you can explore in the full game. In the months running up to Super Mario Odyssey’s release, we were shown Sand Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, and more. Now that the game’s in the public’s hands we know exactly how many kingdoms there are to see. There are 17 unique kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. 

Of course, exploring all of them, collecting all the hidden stars, and seeing everything the game has to offer will take quite some time. Making your way through the core of Super Mario Odyssey, collecting everything that is required to get to the end of the main game, will take approximately 10-12 hours, or closer to 40 or 50 hours if you’re looking to 100 percent the game. That number will vary depending on how much experience you have with 3D Mario games and how intent you are on collecting all the hundreds of moons to be found in the game, but you can expect it to be close to that number.

That is how long Super Mario Odyssey is and how many kingdoms there are. For more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to check out our wiki.

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