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Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Has Plenty of Tricks and Treats


Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Has Plenty of Tricks and Treats

It’s a monster mash.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event has broken out of its well-guarded crypt to bring another round of creepy goodness to the masses. The event is now live across all platforms, bringing a hefty set of new goodies to collect, and two new PvE game modes.

Duke it out across the haunted areas of Eichenwalde and Hollywood, then take the fight to one of the new modes, Junkenstein’s Revenge, for a kooky brawl that’ll have your enemies shivering. Then try out the Junkenstein Endless Brawl, a horde-style mode that has you fighting off waves of enemies.

But the real draw is, of course, the new set of skins and other Halloween-themed Overwatch unlocks led you can earn. In addition to the skins and cosmetic items you could earn with last year’s Halloween event, you can now collect skins like Dragon Symmetra, Cultist Zenyatta, Van Helsing McCree, and more. There are over 50 items to collect throughout the event, so you’ll want to spend a lot of time in-game if you want to collect them all.

The event will last til Nov. 1, so you can get started now and hopefully get all the Overwatch skins you want by then. Just don’t get too spoiled by all the creepiness going on!


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