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Official Pokemon GO Tutorial Videos Tackle the Basics and End Game


Official Pokemon GO Tutorial Videos Tackle the Basics and End Game

It’s never too late to learn.

While Pokemon GO has been available on Android and iOS devices for over a year, it’s never too late for newcomers to join on the fun. Niantic has released official Pokemon GO tutorial videos to ease beginners on the ins and outs of the mobile game. The guide videos cover some of the gameplay nuances and end game features, making it a brief, worthwhile watch for everyone.

There are five tutorial videos available so far: Catching Pokemon, Powering Up and Evolving Pokemon, Advanced Gym Strategy, Visiting Gyms, and Raid Battles. The videos are brief, informative, and tackle all the nuances of each aspect. All Pokemon GO tutorial videos clock in around one to two minutes, making it easy to digest all the information.

While Pokemon GO is fairly simple, it has a few nuances that add depth to the AR game. Additionally, there’s barely any tutorial found in the game, so these videos are definitely a must watch for newcomers. However, considering this is mainly intended for beginners, don’t expect data-filled information that hardcore fans usually look for.

Since Pokemon GO launched last year, Niantic has added plenty of new Pokemon and features to the game. A few real-world and in-game events have also been held to keep fans coming back for more.

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