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Final Fantasy Legends II Touches Down in the West This November


Final Fantasy Legends II Touches Down in the West This November

It’s never the “final” Fantasy.

Square Enix is bringing Final Fantasy Dimensions II to the west for iOS and Android as of November 1, just announced by the company today. Previously released in Japan back in February 2015 as Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishou, it was later released as Final Fantasy Legends II.

This Final Fantasy Legends will be a different kind of gam than the original with free-to-play trappings and in-app purchases, though there’s currently no information on what kind of pricing western players will be looking at just yet.

The Japanese trailer, released already, introduces several of the characters as well as a brief glimpse of what the character sprites and in-game world will look like. As you can see, they’re a very lively crew, with colorful models, crystal motifs, and plenty of monsters to contend with. The overworked looks beautiful as well. Of course, if you can’t read Japanese there’s not much to go by here other than the fact that, yes, it looks like Final Fantasy.

We’ll likely hear more about the game in the coming week or so ahead of launch, but if you’re a fan of the series it looks like something you won’t want to sleep on, especially if you like mobile games.


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