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The Evil Within 2: How to Upgrade Sebastian


The Evil Within 2: How to Upgrade Sebastian

Time for your regularly scheduled brain surgery.

Upgrading Sebastian in The Evil Within 2

Nurse Tatiana is back in The Evil Within 2, which means that Sebastian will be able to undergo some seriously intense brain surgery while strapped to a wheelchair in order to get some much-needed character upgrades. The good nurse won’t be made available right away when you start the game, though. You’ll have to progress through the first chapter and unlock the first safe house in Union to get access to the character upgrade tree.

In all of the safe houses, you’ll have access to a broken mirror that will warp you straight back to Sebastian’s room. From here, follow the long corridor down to a wheelchair and sit in it. Tatiana will then show you the full upgrade tree, and you can improve Sebastian’s abilities and pick from five categories: Health, Combat, Athleticism, Stealth, and Recovery. Every character upgrade requires a certain amount of Green Gel, and the stronger ones will require you to spend the much rarer Red Gel. Hold on to your Red Gel until you’re absolutely certain about which category you want to invest in. These don’t come by very easily.

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