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The Evil Within 2: How to Perform a Sneak Attack


The Evil Within 2: How to Perform a Sneak Attack

Quiet is good.

Performing a Sneak Attack in The Evil Within 2

Going in guns blazing isn’t always the best way to deal with enemies in The Evil Within 2. Sometimes, it might be better to sneak around and try to defeat your enemies without alerting everyone else to your position. Thankfully, the game does include a sneak attack feature which lets Sebastian take down foes quietly.

First off, you’ll want to crouch by pressing the R3 button. This will drastically decrease the amount of noise Sebastian makes while moving, making it easier for you to sneak up on an unsuspecting foe. All you have to do is crouch walk up to an enemy slowly, and then press the X button (or B button if you’re on Xbox One) to execute a sneak attack. Sebastian will enter an animation to attack the enemy and kill them instantly. You can also use bottles to distract enemies and sneak up on them to strike. Do note that the instant kill sneak attack only works on regular enemies, and you’ll have a considerably tougher time trying to pull this off on a boss or more major enemy type.

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