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The Evil Within 2: How to Beat Stefano (Photographer Boss)


The Evil Within 2: How to Beat Stefano (Photographer Boss)

Smile for the camera.

How to Beat Stefano in The Evil Within 2

After chasing him around Union, The Evil Within 2 finally lets you battle it out with Stefano, the creepy photographer, in chapter eight. This is a relatively straightforward fight. You just need to get used to his patterns, and you’ll be able to defeat him without too much trouble. For this fight in The Evil Within 2, I relied primarily on the handgun, and only used a few shotgun rounds when I ran out of ammo, but you can pick up some extra resources around the arena.

During the first phase of the fight, Stefano will phase-shift towards you four times. Don’t bother shooting him until he’s done teleporting, and even then, you’ll only be able to get one shot off. Once he’s done teleporting, he’ll try to stab you with his knife. You should stay on the move and dodge his knife attack before turning around to shoot him once. Occasionally, he’ll also throw his knife at you, but this is easily dodged as long as you’re strafing around. You’ll be able to shoot him once you’ve dodged the knife throw.

Stefano will also try to trap you in a time slowdown by taking a photo of you with his camera. Whenever you see him raise his camera, break line of sight until you hear the shutter go off, and you might be able to get another shot at him if you’re quick enough. Keep this up until he goes down, and the second phase begins.

During this second stage, Stefano’s phase-shifting becomes even more erratic, and the Aperture will join in on the fun as well. Pick one side of the room you want to camp at, and stay there. I picked the right side (from Sebastian’s point of view) as it seemed easier to dodge the Aperture’s tentacles, which only seemed to hit the middle of the room. The tactics here are essentially the same as they were in the first phase. Wait for Stefano to finish teleporting, then take a shot at him. Every now and then, he’ll shout, “Philistine!” and run towards you in a straight line. If you get caught, you’ll be treated to a devastating knife attack that drains a lot of health, but this is easily dodged by sprinting either left or right. You can also shoot him after dodging.

Stefano will occasionally snap a shot with his camera, and you’ll see orange cubes around the arena. These will explode upon contact, so just avoid moving into them, and they’ll dissipate eventually. And that’s basically the whole fight. Just stay on the move to dodge Stefano’s knife throws and melee attacks, avoid the tentacles and cubes, and you’ll be fine.

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