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The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Guardian Boss (Saw Blade Lady)


The Evil Within 2: How to Beat the Guardian Boss (Saw Blade Lady)

Make her stop laughing.

How to Beat the Guardian Boss (Saw Blade Lady) in The Evil Within 2

The Guardian is the first major enemy you encounter in The Evil Within 2, and you’ll get to fight her for real once you reach City Hall. Going into this fight, you’ll want to have a healthy supply of shock bolts and handgun ammo. The shock bolts are fantastic for stunning her, slowing her down, and making her attacks do less damage. This also provides you with an opening to get off some easy headshots.

At the start of the fight, head for the back left corner of the area to find an oil puddle. You can lure her here and shoot the puddle to ignite it, setting her on fire. The saw blade Guardian can also destroy the nearby crates for you, making it easy to pick up the materials later on. There are also several tripwires set up around here, and you can get the Guardian to walk into them, triggering a time slowdown trap, which also makes it easy for you to fire off some headshots.

For this fight in The Evil Within 2, you’ll basically want to kite the Guardian around the fountain, using the traps, oil puddle, and shock bolts to stun her when you can. Always be on the move as saw blade lady moves very quickly and can catch up to you in no time. Whenever you slow the Guardian down, use your handgun (or shotgun, if you’ve upgraded it to a higher level) to nail those headshots. If you run out of ammo, run around the arena to break the crates and pick up resources scattered all over. You can check out our video guide of the Guardian boss battle in The Evil Within 2 below.

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