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Everything We Know About Visceral’s Star Wars Game


Everything We Know About Visceral’s Star Wars Game

Hopefully the Force is with this one.

It May Be Set Between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope

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While there’s no way of knowing the degree of change that EA’s mysterious Star Wars title will undergo now that Visceral Games has closed, the game was supposedly meant to be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, bridging the gap between the prequel trilogy and its successor. Making Star Wars reported back in June that Todd Stashwick, who is co-writing the game alongside Amy Hennig, will be playing a character called “Dodger” who’s on the run from the Empire after dodging their mandatory draft.

Dodger reportedly works with the franchise’s recurring villain Jabba the Hutt in an effort to make enough money to remove his name from an Imperial hit list. As players adventure further along in the story, the character uncovers a plot meant to destroy his home planet of Alderaan and is tasked with stopping it. Of course, this premise has not been confirmed by EA and remains mere speculation.

Another rumor suggests that the title could instead revolve around Han Solo, seeing as how Visceral Games may have dropped hints about this on social media. Evidenced in an article by Game Informer, images of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo action figures, and cryptic tweets mentioning scoundrels were shared for fans to mull over about two years ago. It’s also noteworthy to bring up the fact that Disney and Lucasfilm are making a Han Solo movie in the near future, meaning this game could tie in to that.

It’s very possible that the “reimagining of the central elements of the game” may have fundamentally altered a lot of these supposed plans, so it’s best for fans to not get their hopes up just yet lest they be severely disappointed when official details do surface.

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