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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Has a New Patch out and It Is Massive

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Has a New Patch out and It Is Massive

Brace yourselves, patch 3 is here.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a new patch available now for gamers, and it is bigger than an ancient chromatic dragon (that’s gargantuan by the way).

Patch number three addresses a large array of bugs, UI problems, as well as improves the GM mode, sound, and modding.

The Larian Team admitted that this was a huge patch, but continued that “big is good” and that many key problems that had been brought to their attention in the form of feedback have now been sorted out.

Below are some of the highlights of the improvements and changes made to the game. For the full list of fixes made in this patch, they are outlined on Divinity: Original Sin 2’s Steam page.

    Improvements and changes
  • Improved and added several quest status updates in the Journal
  • Fixed several quests not closing properly or when expected
  • Spider legs now correctly prevent player from getting Webbed
  • Tweaked frequency of certain automated dialogs
  • Fleeing from combat now pops up the waypoint menu instead of moving you to nearest waypoint
  • Added several improvements and hints in Arx that tie people together, and that introduce places and characters (e.g. added a thief corpse/ghost in the death-fog storage room)
  • Save/load screen has been reskinned
  • Removed camera shake from poison damage over time
  • Smoke now blocks Attack Of Opportunity
  • Lowered Persuasion difficulty in Arx
  • Pressing the right mouse button now stops all characters’ movement chained to the current character
  • Reskinned lobby and serverlist
  • Improved Taunting in favour of the Taunter
  • Optimised performance on certain AI actions
  • Filter states on inventory are now saved
  • Made the surfaces created by intersection temporary, but long-lived, instead of infinite (also fixes some surface puzzles)
  • Reactive Shot now uses equipped weapon stats to calculate damage
  • Reduced survivability and base damage of Bone Widow
  • Reduced Chicken form running distance to 6 meters
  • Small reduction in XP gain in Reaper’s Coast and Council of Seven areas
  • Fixed melee and rogue archetypes ignoring characters with Stench talent
  • Fixed Windego’s skills if you meet her in Council of Seven
  • Made several changes to Captive Deep-dweller in the third round of the Arena in Reaper’s Coast
  • The puzzle to get to Reimond now has a perception check on the hidden wall, and the wall supports lockpicking
  • Voidwoken chicken should not be able to absorb source points
  • Updated stats, skills, loot and archetype of Zaleskar
  • Lobby browser now shows map names alphabetically
  • Controller UI shows button hint in dialog windows when you can scroll
  • Controller type can be auto detected and button hints are shown accordingly
  • There is now a button to immediately go to the Recipe window (H by default)
  • In the rune screen, you can now see all runes in all your party members’ inventories

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