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Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Prestige Raid Difficulty Details Announced

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Prestige Raid Difficulty Details Announced

Get ready for the pain.

The Iron Banner event is making a return in Destiny 2, albeit with some significant changes. Coinciding with the release of that new event will be an update for the Leviathan Raid that adds Prestige difficulty.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Details and Rewards

In Destiny 2, Iron Banner will work a little differently than it did in the original. Now the multiplayer competition will even the playing field with Light levels being disregarded. Now players will have to rely on skill alone instead of counting on a level advantage.

There will also no longer be bounties and ranks in Iron Banner. Instead, Destiny 2 players will get Iron Banner engrams. With ranks being gone, It’s unclear as there whether players will have to earn the right to better gear by playing Iron Banner for an extended amount of time, or whether everything will be in the hands of the RNG.

Iron Banner tokens will also be a thing since we have to have tokens for everything. Lord Saladin will exchange these tokens for engrams, and the circle of loot will continue in perpetuum until the heat death of the universe. One of the rewards we know about will be Iron Banner specific armor, which looks pretty neat.

This Iron Banner will use the Control game type and run from 5 AM ET/2 AM PT October 10 until 5 AM ET/2 PM PT on October 17.

Destiny 2 Prestige Leviathan Raid Details

The Prestige version of the Leviathan raid will debut at 1 PM ET/10 AM PT on October 10. Bungie hasn’t released exactly what changes will show up in the prestige Leviathan, but the raid recommends a Light level of 300.

Bungie has said that it plans for it to be a “more punishing sandbox.” There will be some unique rewards, which will more than likely be something useless like an Exotic solid gold rocket launcher that shoots vertically and takes up the Power and Energy weapon slot for some reason. Everyone is going to be really excited and expect the race to be the first team to complete the prestige raid to be super hype.


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