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Top 10 Best First-Person Shooter Levels in Gaming


Top 10 Best First-Person Shooter Levels in Gaming

From WWI to a distant future.

10. Friends from Afar – Medal of Honor (2010)

First Person Shooter

While Medal of Honor’s 2010 reboot did little to set first-person shooter world on fire, — especially in the company of more polished and well-received offerings like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 — the game enjoyed a decent critical reception alongside a strong commercial one. In many ways,  the game leaned rather heavily on the established formulas of the aforementioned contemporaries in the genre, but one mission took an FPS campaign staple and did it with great pacing and style.

In most first-person shooter missions, you play as the assaulting force and rely on NPCs to provide support. Friends from Afar turns that trope on its head and instead has the player assume the role of a support sniper manning a .50 caliber sniper rifle shooting at enemies across the canyon. The powerful gun takes seconds from the trigger pull to reach enemies moving across the mountain range, and players have to account for the bullet travel as they provide support.

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