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This is What a ‘Sonic Generations 2’ Should Look Like


This is What a ‘Sonic Generations 2’ Should Look Like

The first Generations game was great, these zones would make 2 even better.

Coupled with Sonic Colors for the Wii, Sonic Generations really kicked off the new era of good Sonic the Hedgehog games which of course culminated recently into the fantastic return to form that was Sonic Mania. Considering how well received the first was, it would be quite surprising if Sega never decided to tackle a Sonic Generations 2. Even if that’s the case and Sonic Generations 2 or something similar never releases, running down what iconic zones we want to see given the classic/modern treatment is fun regardless considering returning zones seems to be a staple feature nowadays. So here are our picks for what would make for a great Sonic Generations 2. Let’s start with the Classic Era games.

Classic Era

Sonic the Hedgehog 1 – Star Light Zone

Outside of Green Hill Zone, Starlight Zone is arguably the most beloved/memorable zone for hardcore Sonic fans. Why? Because it followed the hellishly difficult Labyrinth Zone and by comparison, was a cakewalk. It was light on difficulty and featured a lovely musical score and a calming starry aesthetic. Because of its ease, despite being one of the last zones in Sonic 1, it would make for a great starting zone too, mixing up the formula of starting with something “green”.

Starlight Zone would be a feast for the eyes especially with Modern Sonic. Simple would be better in this case though. For this one, just let us nod our head to the music, and boost around its iconic green platforms that are enveloped by the star lit sky.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Aquatic Ruin Zone

Every Sonic game needs at least one water level right? Aquatic Ruin Zone would fit the bill perfectly. This is a zone that developers could get really creative with, especially with Modern Sonic. Players could zip through crumbling ruins, waterfalls, and thick jungle brush as they did in Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

As it did back in the day, the top path could reward skilled players that had the necessary platforming skills with a quick and dry path to the exit. While those that struggle are forced to tough it out through the watery bottom section.

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles – Ice Cap Zone

Sonic Generations gave us Sky Sanctuary Zone, a very creative and outside the box choice that I fully support. Sonic Mania remixed both Hydrocity and Lava Reef zone, also two excellent choices. The time for Ice Cap Zone to finally (properly) be remixed better be coming soon though. Everyone loves a good wintery level and Ice Cap is probably the best in the whole series.

I thought for sure it would be in the original Generations, and if not, then soon after and somehow it hasn’t sprouted up yet. It has a memorable aesthetic and a short but awesome snowboarding section ripe to be expanded upon through Modern Sonic style gameplay.

Boss: Mecha Sonic – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3 & Knuckles

Although overshadowed by Metal Sonic from Sonic CD, Mecha Sonic is honestly the more badass and intimidating of the two. While Metal Sonic seems to have its own motivations, there’s something about Mecha Sonic that just seems personal against the true blue blur. It would go at any length to kill Sonic and prove that it’s the superior fastest thing alive. A rematch many years later since their last proper showdown would quite epic indeed.

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