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Sakura Revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors, History Mode Revealed

Fire Emblem Warriors, Elise

Sakura Revealed for Fire Emblem Warriors, History Mode Revealed

Doesn’t seem like she’ll be a healer this time.

Fire Emblem Warriors is the next game for fans of Fire Emblem to get excited about. A ton of characters have already been revealed for the game, and we’ve got more to come. The latest reveal is Sakura, the timid healer from Fire Emblem Fates. From the looks of the images in the magazine reveal, it looks like she’ll wield a bow in order to strike down her enemies.

Aside from the Sakura reveal, a lot of new details about the game’s story and modes have emerged. In one of the scans, you see Validar from Fire Emblem Awakening – likely to be one of the bosses in this Fire Emblem universe. Another major reveal is History Mode, which seems like a really cool idea. Essentially, the mode retells the original story of each Fire Emblem game featured within FE:Warriors, giving you the chance to experience it in a whole new light.

Alongside the History Mode reveal is some new information about how the game will work. Class changes and promotions, as featured in the main series of Fire Emblem games, will be heading into Warriors, and you’ll have to collect Master Seals in order to perform them. Also confirmed is (thanks to LordKano on NeoGAF for the list):

– Skill system, where you can equip up to 3 skills. Skills are unlocked by bonding with other characters.
– Emblem Shop system, seemingly involving using materials & permanent stat boosts.
– In History Mode you’d move charas on 2D grids like the original SRPG. When you’re ally adjacent to enemy, battle will trigger.

Theres a lot of details emerging about Fire Emblem Warriors in the run up to it’s release on September 28, so keep your eyes peeled for more playable hero and gameplay reveals.

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