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Here’s a Look at How Overwatch’s Latest Mei Short Was Made


Here’s a Look at How Overwatch’s Latest Mei Short Was Made

How Mei got to be so adorable.

Blizzard’s latest animated short, “Rise and Shine,” revolved around the indomitable Mei, and it was quite the tearjerker. Now, the Overwatch developer has released a video that details the behind the scenes process for “Rise and Shine” so you can have a better look into what the team was thinking when it was made.

According to director Jeff Kaplan, the Overwatch team wanted to put Mei’s short together while exploring the tragedy behind her cute veneer.

“It was extremely important to dig into who is Mei the human being and how does she become the hero that she is. All of that is as important as how much damage does the left click on her gun does,” Jeff explained in the video.

The clip shows off some of the storyboarding process as well as how the team animated Mei for the short, offering some insight into how the game is brought to life in general, as well as its characters being infused with their own special story and lore. The animated shorts are the staff’s attempts at bringing narrative to Overwatch since there isn’t much room for storytelling otherwise.

You can check out the full clip below.


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