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New Tekken 7 Update Fixes Some Nasty Bugs


New Tekken 7 Update Fixes Some Nasty Bugs

Patching patches.

The previous Tekken 7 update, which added support for the first paid DLC pack and supposedly brought online improvements, caught the ire of fans after it removed the name display for online matches and introduced a plethora of annoying bugs. Bandai Namco recently rolled out a new Tekken 7 update today to fix a few nasty bugs introduced in the game’s version 1.05.

According to the patch notes, update 1.06 fixes a bug on the PS4 version that caused a frame-rate drop for all normal game modes when players enter character customization. In a competitive fighting game where each frame and hitbox matters, the frame-rate bug caused a serious match disadvantage during online matches. The patch also fixes a minor issue with the leaderboards on PC. Below is the full notes for Tekken 7 update 1.06 as listed on the official Tekken website:

The display resolution automatically changes in CUSTOMIZE MODE – PS4


When the player enters CUSTOMIZE MODE, the resolution automatically changes—and if the player then proceeds into battle, the frame rate may drop due to the change.

*This issue does not occur on the PS4®Pro.


This issue will be solved through the patch ver.1.06 update.

Error Issues of LEADERBOARDS – Steam

We have confirmed that there have been issues regarding the leaderboard system, since the release of patch ver.1.05. This patch will return the leaderboard system back into the state before the implementation of patch v.1.05.

*This update does not affect the player’s record. Play record post-patch ver.1.05 will be uploaded after patch ver.1.06 is released.

While not mentioned in the patch notes, gamers on the Tekken subreddit have confirmed that Tekken 7 update 1.06 also fixes the agonizing long wait time when opponents decline a rematch in any online mode. Apparently, the bug caused players to get stuck in the rematch menu from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes.

More improvements will likely come to fix more bugs in the game. More content will also come soon with the second DLC pack adding SNK’s Howard Geese in Winter 2017 and the third DLC pack scheduled for Spring 2018 adding an unannounced guest fighter.

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