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NBA 2K18: How to Make a Three Point Shot


NBA 2K18: How to Make a Three Point Shot

Two isn’t better than three.

How to Make a Three Point Shot in NBA 2K18

In a tight NBA 2K18 game where both teams manage to score a hoop in each ball possession, successful three-point shots can sometimes decide the victor. Somewhat realistically depicted in the game, landing threes is difficult, but is definitely worth the effort when successful.

Firstly, your player must be situated outside of the three-point line. If your player’s feet are underneath the line, it will only count as two points. You can also make three point shots from half court away, though the chances are slim for landing shots in that area.

Timing is crucial in making three-point shots. Basically, try to shoot uncontested three point shots and strive to get a good or perfect shot release. Contested shots decrease your chances, and you might even get blocked.

To create openings for your teammates, strategically make good ball passes and move towards the basket, which will eventually force defenders to leave their post, thus opening your teammate for a three-point shot.

Meanwhile, your shot release timing hugely affects your accuracy, so make sure to observe the shot meter beside your player and release the shot at the peak of the meter. Getting a perfect shot release will make the meter turn green, which means you’ll make a guaranteed basket. If you’re having trouble seeing the shot meter, you can change the meter’s fill color by going to settings in the options menu.

If you don’t like looking at the shot meter, you can observe your player’s jump shot stance in deciding the timing of your shot release. If you’re playing MyCareer, you can choose the custom jump shot of your character to suit your preferences. Aside from looking at the jump shot style and shot meter, your controller will also vibrate to indicate the optimal shot time release.

Also make sure your player has a high enough stat in shooting threes. The lower your player’s rating, the less likely you’ll score from the three-point area. It’s also worth noting that perfect shot releases are influenced by other factors, not just solely on shot timing in NBA 2K18.

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