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NBA 2k18: How to Shoot Perfect 2s and 3s


NBA 2k18: How to Shoot Perfect 2s and 3s

Perfecting your shot in NBA 2k18

The jump shot is alive and well in the modern NBA offense as teams shoot more 3s per game than ever before. Teams like the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics have used analytics to determine that shooting a high volume of 3s results in a higher scoring offense. Taking advantage of every open shot in NBA 2k18 is critical for creating a potent offense.

Putting up early shot-clock jumpers in NBA 2k18 is easy. Just run down the court and hold down Square/X. But taking high quality and high percentage shots proves a more difficult task. Here are the keys to not only taking jump shots, but making sure they are green releases every time.

Player rating, position on the court, and amount of pressure being placed on the ball handler all factor into your chances of getting a green release. Before taking a jump shot, ensure that you are taking it from a position on the floor that the player can hit from. Secondly, create space between you and any defender by utilizing dribble moves, offensive motion, and good passes. Lastly, release the shot at the top of the player’s shot release.

Those who have played previous versions of NBA 2k will notice that the old shot meter under the player’s feet has been replaced by a new meter that appears next to their head. The meter functions similarly to previous games in that the goal is to release it when the meter is full. Release it too early, and the meter will stop short of the top. Too long, and the meter will begin to drain and you run the risk of getting called for an up-and-down.

The top center of the screen will provide instant feedback for each shot you chose to take. The left indicates the shot release and the right indicates the level of coverage the defender has on the shooter. The goal is to get a perfect release with as little coverage as possible every time.

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