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NBA 2K18: How to Make a Perfect Shot


NBA 2K18: How to Make a Perfect Shot

Make every shot count.

Making a Perfect Shot in NBA 2K18

Shooting hoops is important to win matches in NBA 2K18. If you want to land guaranteed shots, it’s best for players to practice making the perfect shot release, otherwise known as green releases.

Green release shots return in NBA 2K18, allowing you to score guaranteed hoops. Basically, you need to know and practice the perfect shot release timing for each type of custom jumpshot. Simply flick the right stick or press the shot button and release it at the peak of your shot meter. Do it right and you’ll land a green release.

Sounds easy? Well, there are plenty of signature jumpshots in the game, making it difficult to get a good release timing all the time when playing the whole team. Additionally, green releases in NBA 2K18 are no longer solely based on release timing, so you’ll also have to set up the perfect shot.

Instead of being placed underneath your player’s legs, the shot meter in NBA 2K18 is located beside your player’s body. This new shot meter position helps you see both the shot meter and the posture of your character while he’s making the shot. This was done because you can also rely on the stance of your character for the shot timing.

Aside from the shot meter, your controller will also vibrate during each shot to indicate the optimal release timing. This is very helpful when trying to get a good release timing during layups, considering this move doesn’t display a shot meter.

Green release shots are simply the be-all-end-all of hardcore players who want to guarantee that they make every shot count. You can also score even if you don’t make a green release. The top center portion of the screen indicates your shot release performance. The self-explanatory shot release results include perfect, good, slightly early, slightly late, very early, and very late.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that NBA 2K18’s double green release shot won’t return this year. In retrospect, NBA 2K17 allowed players to increase their shot percentage by flicking the right stick in-line with the center-most arrow in the shot meter.

For more about NBA 2K18, make sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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