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NBA 2K18: How to Save


NBA 2K18: How to Save

Don’t lose your progress!

How to Save in NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 has various game modes, such as a story-driven career mode, street ball matches, and a card collectible game mode. Additionally, alongside NBA 2K18’s various modes is a shared semi-open world called The Neighborhood, which makes player progression more important than ever. With all these features in place, as well as having a shared currency across the various game modes, saving your progress is definitely important. But how do you even save your progress in NBA 2K18?

While NBA 2K18 is not an always-online experience, it’s recommended to play the game with an internet connection to ensure your currency rewards are stored in the game’s servers. Aside from limited access to certain game modes, being offline prevents you from earning Virtual Currency (VC). Understandably, NBA 2K18 follows the trend of most games with an online component in requiring players to be connected online to prevent cheaters from plaguing the game. On the flipside, make sure that you make your in-game purchases wisely, as there’s no turning back once the auto save feature kicks in.

You don’t need to manually go to the menu and save the game due to NBA 2K18’s auto save feature. For example, the game saves your progress every time you finish a match, assign an attribute point to your character, and purchase some apparel. Aside from VC, your progress is automatically saved frequently, even if you’re offline. Just make sure you see the auto save prompt finish before exiting the game.

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