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NBA 2K18: How to Dunk


NBA 2K18: How to Dunk

Break the rim with your hands.

How to Dunk in NBA 2K18

There are plenty of ways to score in NBA 2K18, but dunking is one of the few moves that you’ll never get tired of seeing. Rocking the rim with a monstrous dunk will definitely get your performance included in the game’s highlight plays. So, how exactly do you perform a dunk?

Generally, you can dunk by sprinting towards the basket (R2 for PS4, RT for Xbox One, ZR for Switch) and either moving the shot stick in any direction or pressing the shot button (square for PS4, X for Xbox One, and Y for Switch). If you use the shot stick, you can choose from a variety of dunk animations depending on the direction of your shot stick. For example, moving the shot to the opposite side of the basket will make your player perform a flashy dunk, while moving it towards the basket will make your character perform a two-handed dunk. Move the shot stick to the left or right side while driving to perform a left or right-handed dunk.

Take note that player stats matter in NBA 2K18. Your character must have a high enough dunk stat to perform a dunk; if not, he’ll likely perform a layup instead. Additionally, players who have a high enough Standing Dunk rating can perform a dunk even if they’re not moving towards the basket. Lastly, the best of the best can dunk over defenders.

While dunks only score you two points, it’s definitely a hard shot to contest for defenders. Additionally, getting fouled while dunking grants you a three-point opportunity, if you land the dunk and the free throw shot.

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